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About Connecticut Lighting Centers 

Just click your heels three times and you will find what you need. No, you are not in Kansas. You are at Connecticut Lighting Centers, New England’s largest display of Lighting, Fans, Decorative Hardware and Home Accents and a one stop shopping store for your home. There is no place like our showrooms. Here, you have endless choices, options and surprises at every turn.

What’s New:

  • A new Decorative Hardware Showroom that includes over 1,000 sq ft in our Hartford location with thousands of hardware products to cater to all your hardware needs including door hinges, door closures, keyless entries, cabinet hardware, bath accessories, switch plates, grab bars, push plates, pull plates, pocket door locks, flush pulls, edge pulls, surface bolts, kick plates and so much more! Our Southington location also has a newly added Decorative Hardware display.
  • Our newly expanded Fan Display and Mirror Gallery in our Hartford location with over 150 fans and over 100 mirrors 

    What We Carry:

Connecticut Lighting Centers Is Your One-Stop Shop



  • Lighting fixtures: Chandeliers, pendants, sconces, track & recessed lighting, table and floor lamps, bath lighting, undercabinet lighting and outdoor and landscape lighting
  • Motorized window shades
  • Generators
  • Lighting control systems and home automation
  • Switch plates & dimmers
  • Mirrors
  • Bath ventilation fans
  • Decorative and functional hardware
  • Door chimes and push buttons
  • Bath hardware
  • Restoration and repair
  • The best LED bulbs on the market
  • Lamp shades: Basic lampshades, fancy lampshades, mini & chandelier lampshades and glass lampshades
  • Lamp and fixture parts
  • Lighting Accessories (finials, decorative wire, pull chains and crystal cleaner)
  • Intercom systems
  • Ceiling & table fans
  • Wall clocks
  • Medallions
  • Mail boxes
  • Outdoor poles
  • Accent furniture
  • All types of light bulbs
  • Vintage Lighting
  • All types LED lighting
  • Wall Mounted Fireplaces
  • Door Bells, door chimes & knockers
  • Furniture
  • Bath heater bulbs
  • Outdoor Sensor spot lights
  • Wall Art/Pictures
  • Wine Holders
  • Decorative accents
  • Gifts
  • And much more!

RLG Flush Mount copyLooking for more heart and feeling? “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” or as we call it the “Lighting District Road” to Restoration Lighting Galley, located across the street from the Connecticut Lighting Centers Hartford Showroom. Step in and you will experience a whole new world of lighting. Our Expert Craftsmen bring almost anything to light by restoring, repainting, refinishing, and repairing rare, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures from all over the world. These pieces have heart and will make even a man made of tin feel whole.

Feeling overwhelmed with the choices? Our Sales Professionals include experienced lighting, hardware and home decor professionals whose number one priority is serving our customers’ every need. We invite you to come visit any of our three showrooms for a one-stop shopping experience. You do have to find a way to get here. Wishing you were here only works in movies. We hope to see you soon!

-Mark Okun, General Manager of Restoration Lighting Gallery

The Craftsmen At Restoration Lighting Gallery

The Craftsmen At Restoration Lighting Gallery, Paul Dalfino (r) and Dave Poppel (l). Together, they combine 60 plus years of experience and passion for restoring and repairing rare lighting fixtures form all over the world.

How do you take an old neglected light and make it shine brilliant once again? Meet the craftsmen behind Restoration Lighting Gallery: Paul Dalfino and Dave Poppel—the miracle workers of vintage, antique lighting.

Restoration Lighting Gallery is an exclusive lighting, restoration, repair and shade boutique. The hundreds of antique, vintage pieces you see on display at Restoration Lighting Gallery are from 60 plus years of combined experience and passion for repainting, refinishing, and repairing rare, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures from all over the world. Dalfino and Poppel take pride in their work and put their heart and soul into every piece. To them, every light has a story and every story is unique.

While Restoration Lighting Gallery is part of the Connecticut Lighting Centers family, the two showrooms are centuries apart.  When you step into the Restoration Lighting Gallery showroom, you will be transported to a different world. It is the emotional side of the Connecticut Lighting Centers family. Each piece has history and sentimental value. Poppel and Dalfino bring those old feelings to light.

Dalfino and Poppel have worked as a team for over 16 years and have made a reputation for themselves creating lighting from keepsakes and family heirlooms. Poppel is the “Dave of all trades” having mastered blacksmithing, welding, building custom furniture and restoring old houses and barns. Dalfino has been in the business of restoration since he was little, who helped his father with his own restoration business. Restoration and repair is their passion.

Vintage camera lamp

A vintage camera that was turned into a light.

Golf Bag Light

A vintage golf bag that was turned into a floor lamp.

Champagne Bottle Lamp

A once champagne bottle now an elegant desk lamp.


“We also love to create unique lighting using objects you wouldn’t expect –from violins, sneakers, saxophones to a Harley Davidson motorcycle seat”, says Dalfino.

“We don’t like to say no. We’ll make a light out of anything! In the end, it’s about bringing a story to light,” added Dalfino.

Restoring East Hartford Town Hall Lighting

Dalfino and Poppel repairing and restoring a lighting fixture in the East Hartford Town Hall in Connecticut.

With Dalfino’s and Poppel’s expertise, Restoration Lighting Gallery has also completed numerous restoration projects through out Connecticut and New England.  Some local projects include Hartford City Hall, Old Connecticut State House, Yale University, Mohegan Sun Casino, and various historic churches and homes through out the state.

The passion they bring to the table is unsurpassed. They are the masters of their craft. They bring a whole new feeling to lighting. Visit Restoration Lighting Gallery’s web site to learn more.

Connecticut Lighting Centers’ website,, and Restoration Lighting Gallery’s website,, have been featured as success stories by Google’s “Connecticut Get Online” program.  The companies were chosen because of the ever-changing content that makes both websites “as dynamic and exciting” as what goes on within each showroom.

“We really wanted the site to reflect who we are as a company,” says Stephanie Allen, Web Marketing Coordinator. “It’s a great tool to bring in new customers, provide information and options for existing customers and also showcase the incredible experience people have when they visit our showroom.”

“We work really hard to make our showrooms a complete shopping experience for our customers,” says David Director – president and second generation owner. “It just makes sense that the web sites should reflect the latest products, styles and lighting technologies as well.”

Connecticut Get Your Business was cited as an exemplary website by Google for having over 100,000 products available to shop and for providing frequent updates. Google also applauded for maintaining a current inventory of one-of-a-kind vintage and antique lighting and complimented the web site for expanding sales beyond the local area.

Kichler Marble Accents Chandelier

Kichler Marble Accents Chandelier in Colton Bronze

You can instantly update the look of your chandelier by adding chandelier shades.  Not only will the shades add pattern and texture to your rooms, they will provide a lovely diffused light.   Our Southington showroom and sister store, Restoration Lighting Gallery in Hartford, have a wide variety of shade materials and styles.  Styles range from a tailored black empire shade to shades with luxurious fabrics and patterns.

Some of our customers even change their shades with the seasons. They will use light colors in the spring and summer then switch to a dark color in the fall and winter to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Here are just a few of the clip-on shades available at Restoration Lighting Gallery. Click here to see more chandelier shade options available at Restoration Lighting Gallery in Hartford, CT and the Connecticut Lighting Centers showroom in Southington, CT.

4" Beige Soft Roll Pleat Empire Clip-On Candle Shade

4″ Beige Soft Roll Pleat Empire Clip-On Candle Shade

5" Khaki & Ivy Beaded Bell Clip-On Candle Shade

5″ Khaki & Ivy Beaded Bell Clip-On Candle Shade











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