Why replace a flimsy metal or plastic mailbox year after year?  A mailbox should last a lifetime—like the Hanover Lantern’s Oakmont M200.  The Hanover Lantern mailbox is stylish and designed to last.  Install it and forget about it!

Hanover M200 Mailbox

Hanover Lantern’s Oakmont M200

How this mailbox stands the time of time:

  • A cast aluminum construction and two-piece die-cast aluminum wrap prevents rust from roadside wear and tear.
  • A resilient TGIC thermoset polyester powder coat is formulated to withstand UV rays and high temperatures, which prevents color fading.  It is also available in a range of finishes.
  • A durable aluminum post keeps your mailbox in place—especially after snow plowing.  This post also complies with local Postal Service Mailbox height requirements.

The Hanover mailbox is not only extremely durable, but looks great.  It is sure to be the most stylish mailbox on the block.

“It’s amazing how rugged the Hanover M200 mailbox is,” said Neil Fleisher, Vice President of Connecticut Lighting Centers.

Connecticut Lighting Centers recently expanded their mailbox displays at both their Hartford and Southington showrooms.  To learn more about the Hanover mailbox, visit our showrooms and let our Expert Sales Professionals help you find your perfect lifelong mailbox.

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