Bedroom dimmers and lighting controls by Lutron.

The weather is getting cooler and it’s almost time to fall back one hour. Sometimes simply resetting your alarm clock is not the same as resetting your internal clock. Your bedroom lighting plays a big part in maintaining your natural rhythm and regulating your innate alarm clock. If the lighting in your bedroom is not optimal, you may be grouchy in the morning.

For example, if your bedroom windows do not allow enough sunlight to peek into your room in the morning, you may have a more difficult time waking up, because your body won’t recognize that it’s morning.

If you’re tired of downing several cups of coffee to start your day, consider installing LED lighting that can emulate the sunrise with dimming features. By utilizing programmable dimming controls, your body can get the wake-up call it needs when natural sunlight is not available.

Visit our showrooms and speak with a Lighting Professional to learn more about Lighting Controls and LED Lighting for your home.

PageLines- OutdoorLighting_GalleryBox.jpgDavid Director, President, Connecticut Lighting Centers & Restoration Lighting Gallery, talks with Ray Dunaway from WTIC 1080 about outdoor LED lighting. From flood lights, path lights, lanterns to post lights and more, the Sales Professionals at Connecticut Lighting Centers can help you choose the right light for the right application. Visit our showrooms to learn more.

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Does it matter how many blades a ceiling fan has?

Ceiling Fan

A Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan/.

No, it is more important for a ceiling fan to be the right size for your space. Rooms that are 100 square feet or larger require a 52-inch diameter fan to be most effective. Smaller rooms can use a 28-inch through 48-inch diameter model. Larger great rooms may require bigger fans with up with an 80 inch span.

While most ceiling fans have five blades, that is more of an aesthetic consideration rather than a practical one. A fan with fewer blades actually moves more air. Fans located high in a space, such as in a warehouse or home with extremely high ceilings, will typically be three-blade, industrial-grade fans.

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There is a new light in town that is sleek, stylish, feather-light and LED. Koncept lighting is the newest line of lighting innovation that is now being offered at Connecticut Lighting Centers.

Koncept’s cutting edge designs have won numerous awards from International Design Magazine and Time Magazine. The Z-Bar desk lamp was selected as a permanent display in Germany’s Die Neue Sammlung museum as a best innovation of the 20th/21st centuries.

About Koncept:     

  • Light-weight for easy portability
  • LED for optimal light output and energy savings
  • Stylish, modern designs
  • Available in multiple colors including vibrant orange, green, blue and traditional black and silver
  • Cutting edge technology
  • High quality
  • Most models include swivel heads and occupancy sensors to control lighting
  • Connecticut Lighting Centers offers a five-year warranty on all LEDs

Want to see the light in person? Visit our showrooms in Hartford and Southington.  At Connecticut Lighting Centers we speak LED. Our Sales Professionals can help you pick the perfect LED light and educate you on the newest LEDs.

Koncept Gallery: 

Koncept Lighting - Mosso

Mosso™ provides an LED head that swivels up & down, and twirls 360 degrees, making it easy to bring energy efficient, natural looking light. The touchstrip is located near the LED head for easy access. Slide your finger along the strip to dim, or touch the strip to jump directly to any brightness, including off. Compatible with optional occupancy sensor.

Koncept Lighting Z Bar Floor Lamp

Ideal for reading in a chair or counter. Adjustable positions & generous reach provide for a perfect lighting companion. The touchstrip is located near the LED head for easy access. Slide your finger along the strip to dim gradually, or touch anywhere on the strip to jump directly to any brightness, including off. Compatible with optional occupancy sensor.

Koncept Lighting - Mini Z Bar Desk Lamp

Award-winning three-bar design for maximum reach and flexibility, Z-Bar® Mini is designed for smaller desks and workspaces. The super-adjustable LED head can spin in its socket, sweep side to side, and rotate around the end of the arm to point in any direction. Slide your finger along the touchstrip to dim gradually, or touch the strip anywhere to jump directly to any brightness, including off. Compatible with optional occupancy sensor.

Koncept Lighting - Mr. n

Meet Mr. n™ – an arch-shaped lamp that combines a unique design that houses cutting edge, omni-directional light. Mr. n™ provides a soft, warm glow on the outside of the lamp, and the simple yet complete control system is located on the bottom section of the aluminum exterior. An effortless, one-finger touch on that bottom section on the aluminum exterior of the lamp makes the lamp glow or turns it off. Invite Mr. n™ into your home or office.

Connecticut Lighting Centers is proud to announce a new line of lighting fixtures called Modern Forms – a division of WAC Lighting. Modern Forms offers an inspiring sleek line of outdoor wall and bath lighting fixtures. Modern Forms takes functional lighting to a whole new level with LED lighting. With exceptional high LED lumen output, Modern Forms creates incredible illumination at extremely low wattage. All Modern Forms LEDs are designed to last 50,000 hours with a five-year warranty.

“Our goal was to design distinctive luminaires that will suit the clean look of today’s baths regardless of the style of the home—whether it is traditional, transitional or contemporary,” explained Shelley Wald, President of WAC Lighting.

The fixtures from Modern Forms have a clean fashionable design. The hardware is concealed and there are no visible screws—creating a modern architectural look. All fixtures from Modern Forms are dimmable and 3000K, so you can create the perfect ambience and light for any room. The LED bulbs are also replaceable. Connecticut Lighting Centers offers a five-year warranty on all LEDs. 

Visit our showrooms to view our new Modern Forms display and speak with a Lighting Professional. We can help you select the right fashion light for your home!


Modern Forms display at Connecticut Lighting Centers featuring outdoor wall lighting.

Modern Forms Display

Modern Forms display from Connecticut Lighting Centers featuring bath lighting.

Gone are the days when lights bulbs were temporary. With LEDs, light bulbs are becoming more like appliances—a permanent fixture in your home.  While the initial investment in LEDs is higher than traditional bulbs, the energy saving features and long shelf life will outweigh the costs in the long run. 

In the video below, Terry McGowan, Director of Engineering and Technology for the American Lighting Association, talks about the new kinds of LEDs available and the benefits of switching to LEDs.

Why Choose LEDs?

  • LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs last up to 10-25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs produce a more pleasing, reliable natural light
  • Connecticut Lighting Centers offers a five-year warranty on all LEDs

Our Lighting Professionals are knowLEDgable and can help you make the switch to LEDs as well as educate you on the latest LED technology. We carry quality LEDs including Switch, Bulbrite, Cree, Solais, Satco and Kichler. Stop by our showrooms to learn more, or view our online LED Bulb brochure!

Watch the video below to learn more:

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