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About Connecticut Lighting Centers

Just click your heels three times and you will find what you need. No, you are not in Kansas. You are at Connecticut Lighting Centers, New England’s largest display of Lighting, Fans, Decorative Hardware and Home Accents and a one stop shopping store for your home. There is no place like our showrooms. Here, you have endless choices, options and surprises at every turn.

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Bringing Old Feelings To Light – Meet The Craftsmen

The Craftsmen At Restoration Lighting Gallery

The Craftsmen At Restoration Lighting Gallery, Paul Dalfino (r) and Dave Poppel (l). Together, they combine 60 plus years of experience and passion for restoring and repairing rare lighting fixtures form all over the world.

How do you take an old neglected light and make it shine brilliant once again? Meet the craftsmen behind Restoration Lighting Gallery: Paul Dalfino and Dave Poppel—the miracle workers of vintage, antique lighting.

Restoration Lighting Gallery is an exclusive lighting, restoration, repair and shade boutique. The hundreds of antique, vintage pieces you see on display at Restoration Lighting Gallery are from 60 plus years of combined experience and passion for repainting, refinishing, and repairing rare, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures from all over the world. Dalfino and Poppel take pride in their work and put their heart and soul into every piece. To them, every light has a story and every story is unique.

While Restoration Lighting Gallery is part of the Connecticut Lighting Centers family, the two showrooms are centuries apart. When you step into the Restoration Lighting Gallery showroom, you will be transported to a different world. It is the emotional side of the Connecticut Lighting Centers family. Each piece has history and sentimental value. Poppel and Dalfino bring those old feelings to light.

Dalfino and Poppel have worked as a team for over 16 years and have made a reputation for themselves creating lighting from keepsakes and family heirlooms. Poppel is the “Dave of all trades” having mastered blacksmithing, welding, building custom furniture and restoring old houses and barns. Dalfino has been in the business of restoration since he was little, who helped his father with his own restoration business. Restoration and repair is their passion.

Vintage camera lamp

A vintage camera that was turned into a light.

Golf Bag Light

A vintage golf bag that was turned into a floor lamp.

Champagne Bottle Lamp

A once champagne bottle now an elegant desk lamp.


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