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Whether you want your lights on, off, or somewhere in between, your shades raised or lowered, or your temperature set back a few degrees, you can count on Caséta Wireless to deliver what you need. With the Lutron Caséta you can adjust your lights, window shades and temperature from anywhere.

Control from anywhere:

  • Turn lights on from your car
  • Adjust temperature from your office
  • Turn off lights and close shades from your bed
  • Schedule lights, shades, and temperature to automatically adjust at set times of day

Install in minutes:

  • Ideal for existing or new homesproduct_809_medium
  • No new wiring required
  • Set up is easy


  • Smart Bridge & Smart Bridge Pro
  • Lutron App for iPhones & Android
  • Pico Remote Control
  • In-Wall Dimmer
  • Switch
  • Plug-In Lamp Dimmer
  • Motorized Shades

Want to learn more? Stop by our Showrooms. Experience the controls on your own , or talk to any of our lighting experts who will introduce you to the world of lighting controls and the newest technologies.



Lutron’s “Serena” Wireless Motorized Window Shades

Motorized shades for the same price or less than manual shades

Enhance your lifestyle with affordable luxury. Lutron has broken the price barrier with high quality, easy-to-install, attractive, battery-powered window shades. These Motorized shades are for the same price or less than manual shades.

Serena Window Shade fabrics come in a variety of fashionable colors and textures that are available in single cell or double cell construction for light filtering, sheer, or room darkening applications. Serena shades from Lutron can help reduce glare, add privacy, enhance your home’s decor, create ambience and protect home furnishings from the sun’s UV rays. Installation is easy because Serena shades are completely wireless and feature a snap in design. These shades can also help you save on your energy costs. All Serena shades can be controlled with a single room remote or whole-home system.

Why Choose Serena Shades:

  • Cutting Edge Technology: Clear Connect™ RF technology to control shades with Lutron’s hand-held  Pico® wireless control.
  • Long Battery Life: Triathlon® power technology with 3-year battery life.Save Energy With Lutron
  • Easy Maintenance: Tap ‘N Tilt™ technology that makes changing the batteries easy.
  • Energy Savings: Doubles the R value of your windows for year-round energy savings.
  • Fashionable Fabrics, Colors & Styles: Comes in five different textures, over 40 different colors and three different pleat options.
  • Light Filtering Options: Four different light filtering options.
  • App to Control Shades with Smartphone or Tablet

Serena Shades Inspiration Gallery:

Lutron Serena Motorized Shades

Lutron Serena Motorized Shades

Lutron Serena Motorized Shades

Lutron Serena Motorized Shades

Lutron Serena Motorized Shades

Lutron Serena Motorized Shades






















Want to learn more? Visit our showroom and see our award-winning Interactive Lutron Display and speak with a Lighting Professional who will introduce you to the world of lighting controls and the newest technologies.

Lose the Screws and Turn on the Style
Wall Plates by Legrand

Why settle for the same boring ho-hum wall plate? Find your fashion plate and make a beautiful switch with Legrand’s adorne collection of wall plates. With 32 options, you can easily match your home’s décor while adding a personal touch to any room. From lush cast metals, rich natural materials and vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless. The best part? Legrand adorne wall plates feature a snap on design for easy installation-no visible hardware!

Legrand Adorne Wall Plates

Legrand Adorne Wall Plates – 32 finishes available, or custom make your own design. Click to enlarge.

Have something more you in mind? Legrand’s adorne wall plates can be customized with your own unique design. Simply use your own pattern or material and cut it out! Wall paper, fabrics, paper collage, leather, photos and more! You now have a wall plate that is unique as you.

Legrand Custom Wall Plate

Pebbled cherry red custom wall plate.

Custom Wall Plate by Legrand

Silver streaks and pops of red custom wall plate.

Custom Wall Plate by Legrand

Custom wall plate using wall paper as the design.

Custom Wall Plate by Legrand

Cute customization adds whimsy to the light switch.











>>View More Custom Wall Plate Ideas

Ready to lose the screws and make a switch? Learn more about the Legrand adorne collection of outlets, switches & dimmers, undercabinet lighting and whole-home wireless systems. Visit our  Showrooms in Hartford and Southington to see our interactive Legrand adorne display in action and speak with our Sales Professionals to learn more.

At the 2013 Dallas International Lighting Market, Connecticut Lighting Centers won the 2012 HomeWorks Job of the Year Award from Lutron. This prestigious annual award is chosen from entries all across North America.

Jim Meltzer, Outside Sales Manager, was responsible for designing a whole-home lighting control system for an exclusive 18,000 square foot home using the Lutron HomeWorks QS system. HomeWorks QS is a sophisticated system that offers peace of mind with state of the art whole-home controls that are easy to use, have energy saving benefits and easily integrates with third party systems.

The Award-Winning HomeWorks QS Project Included: 

Lutron Award - 2013  Job of the Year

2013 Job of the Year Award From Lutron. 

  • 233 zones that are controlled by Remote Power Modules, Hybrid Keypads, wireless switches, wireless dimmers and even a control for holiday decorations.
  • 43 keypads, three table top controls and a garage entry system.
  • 29 countdown timers in the closets and mechanical rooms.
  • A variety of motorized shades including roller shades and venetian blinds for windows and entries for privacy and sun remediation.

The HomeWorks QS system in this home is still growing with requests for added controls. The latest request is to integrate a Pentair pool system that can be controlled by the Lutron HomeWorks QS system.


Lutron House Award - Motorized Shades

Family room featuring hidden motorized window treatments by Lutron. Click image to enlarge.

Lutron Award House

Dining room LED cove lighting, LED recessed lights & chandelier-all controlled with a touch of a button. Click image to enlarge.

Dining room  LED cove lighting, Led recessed lights and a chandelier all controlled with a touch of a button.

Dining room LED cove lighting, Led recessed lights and a chandelier all controlled with a touch of a button. Click image to enlarge.

Lutron Award House

Great room with 2-zones of LED recessed & 5-hidden zones of liniar LED from coves to built-ins. 2-keypads provide 12 different scenes of lighting. Click image to enlarge.


















“The monumental task of programming 288 buttons, the garage entry, and all of the time clock programs ended up being great fun. Seeing the homeowners reaction to how this system works reminds me of taking a kid to Disney for the first time,” said Jim.

Jim has over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry and his specialties include Whole-Home Lighting Controls, Landscape Lighting and Custom Lighting Design.

“We are very proud of Jim. His efforts have earned Connecticut Lighting Centers two prestigious awards including the 2011 Five-Star Showroom of the Year by Lutron. His passion and knowledge for Lighting Controls is an extremely valuable asset,” said David Director, President and Owner of Connecticut Lighting Centers.

Want to learn more about Whole-Home Lighting Controls and shades for your home or business? Visit our showrooms and see these systems in action with our Interactive Lutron display. Our lighting experts can explain how they work, how to install and which option is best for you.

Are You Ready to Make a Beautiful Switch?

By: Todd Director, Lighting Consultant

You can turn ordinary into extraordinary with the new Legrand Adorne collection of wall plates, outlets, switches & dimmers, undercabinet lighting and whole-home wireless systems. See the collection in action at Connecticut Lighting Centers where we have an interactive Legrand Adorne display to help bring your wildest imaginations to light. With the Legrand Adorne collection, you can easily update your home’s décor while creating a seamless design customized to fit your needs and unique style.

Legrand Display

Legrand Display at Connecticut Lighting Centers. Click to enlarge image.

Our Interactive Legrand Adorn Display Includes:

Wall Plates – Lose the screws when wall plates become fashion plates. Legrand has 32 styles of wall plates including cast metals (brass, pewter bronze, stainless steel & nickel), woods (French Oak and Wenge Wood) and an array of vibrant colors (Plum, Cherry, Turquoise, Honey, Almond and more).  They can also be customized into your own unique pattern. With no screws, and a snap in assembly, these fashion plates have elegant, clean lines. They also come in two, three or four combo cut outs.

Legrand Wall Plates

Legrand Adorne Decorative Wall Plates come in 32 styles and feature a snap on design.                       Click to enlarge photo.

Outlets – Plug into your creative outlet with Legrand’s combination of outlets designed to fit your lifestyle and all your electronic devices. Chose from regular outlets to outlets with USB ports, GFCI outlets and pop out outlets. Configure your perfect combination to plug in and play!

Legrand Outlets

Legrand Outlets.

Switches & Dimmers: – Legrand switches and dimmers come in a variety of options with a white or magnesium finish. Each has a locater light to find it in the dark. Energy saving sensor options are also available. These switches and dimmers work with a simple click, smartphone, touch, or even with a wave of the hand making it a delight to hit the lights!

Legrand Switches & Dimmers

Legrand Switches & Dimmers. Click image to enlarge.

Night Lights – Light up the night with dimmers that also serve as nightlights. These nightlights are built into your switches and dimmers and even include ones that can be removed and used as a portable flashlight—convenient during power outages!

Legrand Portable Night Lights

Legrand Portable/Pop Out Night Lights Click image to enlarge.

Under-cabinet Lighting – With Legrand under-cabinet lighting, it’s lights, power and music at your fingertips. Legrand creates a high-powered kitchen with no outlets in sight to eliminate clutter. Options include puck lights, linear lights, outlets with USB ports, digital music kits, and docks for your smartphone and tablets. All of these options are easy to install and can be reconfigured at any time—a recipe for kitchen magic.

Legrand Undercabinet Lighting

Legrand Kitchen Under-cabinet Lighting and Docking Stations. Click to enlarge image.

Wireless Systems for the Home – Let your house welcome you home and “Live More. Wire Less.” Legrand’s whole-home wireless systems include a lights on/off-preset function and a wi-fi music system that can be controlled with a smart phone or wireless remote. You can also get the video intercom system for all your entry doors. All of these systems are easy to install—no new wires required!

Legrand Wireless System

Legrand Wireless System. Click image to enlarge.

Visit our  Showrooms in Hartford and Southington to see the interactive Legrand Adorn display in action and speak with our Sales Professionals to learn more how we can create whole-home lighting control solutions for your home.

When it comes to bedroom and bathroom lighting, comfort and ambiance take priority. You can achieve this with the use of a dimmer switch.

Bathroom lighting should be both hardworking and mood-enhancing. Lights placed at a bathroom vanity and aimed out toward the face can help brighten grooming tasks. Be sure to include dimmer switches and look for places to add secondary, ambient light. For example, inexpensive, easy-to-install cove or toe lighting can greatly enhance this small, but important space. The key to good bathroom lighting is the use of dimmer switches.

Enhance your bedroom lighting by increasing the amount of light next to the bed. Often bedside lamps are either too small or are not adjustable, which does not provide light where you need it. Go for a larger size with increased lumen capacity. Or, perhaps a wall sconce with a swing arm that can be brought closer for reading will provide the best light for you. A primary objective for bedroom lighting should be flexibility.

Hubbardton Forge Bathroom Lighting

Hubbardton Forge Bathroom Lighting.

Holkoetter Lighting

Holkoetter Bedroom Lighting.



>>Read more about dimmers and whole-home lighting control systems available at Connecticut Lighting Centers.




-Article courtesy of American Lighting Association

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