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Tips to Improve the Ambience of Your Home

Lighting design has advanced dramatically over the past decade. The introduction of home automation allows ordinary homeowners to control the mood of every room! If you’re looking to enhance the ambience of your home, we offer five quick tips.

1. Layered Lighting and Dimmers

Chandelier in entryway The three layers of light are ambient, accent and task. Ambient lighting is your general illumination, accent highlights certain features of a room and task provides the right amount of light to complete chores. Dimmers help you control the balance of these three layers with a touch of your finger! Whether you’re hosting a big party or planning a romantic evening, proper illumination is a big factor in creating the atmosphere you want.

2. Under-Cabinet Lighting

The kitchen is arguably the most lit room in a home; we need sufficient light for meal prep, entertaining or doing homework. When you want less harsh light, under-cabinet lighting is a great feature that also saves space. It is essentially track lighting that runs the length of your cabinets, eliminating the need for bulky fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting can be used in tangent with general illumination or on its own for a more relaxing ambience.

3. Focal Points

Any room can benefit from a central focus! Large lighting fixtures enhance the atmosphere of your home for guests and allow you to show off your personal style. For example, a chandelier as the focal point in your entryway sets the mood for guests as soon as they walk in the door. Focal points throughout other rooms create a different feel in each space and can help tie a room together.

4. Color Temperature and Light Bulbs

Different color temperatures emit different kinds of light; fluorescent creates a warm glow, while LED bulbs have a blue tint. The light bulbs you choose will depend on the practical use of each room. You’ll likely want soft light in the bedroom to help you relax, but something brighter for a functional kitchen. Learn more about choosing the right bulbs by room here.

5. Ambience Is More Than Light

Lighting is absolutely necessary to help create the ambience you want, but don’t forget about home décor! The right furniture and accent pieces can compliment your lighting design – at Connecticut Lighting Centers and our sister store Restoration Lighting Gallery, we have endless décor choices, from modern to vintage.

If you’re ready to transform your home in the New Year, start at Connecticut Lighting Centers! Visit our Hartford or Southington showroom today.

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