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If you’re looking for the largest selection in New England, trained professional assistance and great pricing with brands like Feiss Lighting, you don’t have to go far. – David Director

Shop local at Connecticut Lighting Centers and Restoration Lighting Gallery this November to help support small businesses! We are New England’s premier choice for lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, decorative hardware, home automation and so much more.

Family Owned & Operated

Connecticut Lighting Centers has been a locally known family business since 1972. When our founder, Arthur Director, opened his first showroom in Hartford, he did so with the philosophy that “the customer is boss!” He passed this value onto his son David, current President of Connecticut Lighting Centers, and his grandson Todd, Vice President. They continue to run the family business with this same conviction today.

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Inspiration for Bathroom Lighting

For many of us, our days begin and end in the bathroom. Come morning, it’s time to get ready for the day with a hot shower and at nighttime, maybe you unwind with a good book and bath. No matter your daily routine, an important part of it takes place here.

Think about it – when styling your hair, shaving or applying makeup, is there adequate lighting? If you fail to see that you have missed a patch of facial hair or overapplied eyeliner until out of the bathroom, it’s time to rethink your lighting design.

One Light Is Not Enough

Bathroom vanity lighting Let’s say your bathroom is modestly sized. It’s not a master hotel suite, but there is a double vanity sink, a toilet and shower spread out comfortably. Installing one light fixture and expecting it to provide all the illumination you need is a common mistake.

What happens when the main light fixture by the sink does not distribute an equal amount of light to the tub? Performing grooming tasks becomes more difficult and, in some cases, a safety hazard.

Downlighting Casts Shadows

On the same note, a light placed directly above the bathroom mirror or shower is inefficient. Why? As soon as you stand in its path, you block all illumination and make everyday tasks harder to perform. For this reason, wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror make the best vanity lights and dispersed recessed cans work better than one flush mount.

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3 Reasons to Install Track Lighting

Track lighting is a modern way to save room, while providing the additional illumination needed. It is a popular option for kitchens, living and entertainment rooms – areas that tend to lack extra space. Instead of cluttering tables and countertops with lamps, a track can be installed along the ceiling. These fixtures come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, so first-time buyers and current homeowners can use them in lighting design. We list 3 reasons why you should consider track lighting for your home.

A Contemporary Trend

Although track lighting is a modern trend, it is versatile enough to be used in any age and style home. Whether your house was built in 1960 or 2010, track lighting can be used in hallways to highlight pictures or installed outdoors to illuminate a new porch. If you are a new homeowner in an older house, add some young flair with these trendy tracks. However, you do not have to feel restricted by design preferences; track lighting will not clash with vintage decor the way a modern lamp might.

Easy Installation

Rather than a bulky floor lamp that you may have to put together yourself, track lighting can be easily installed – especially near an existing power source. Even ceilings that have an electrical box for wiring fixtures may need more lighting in certain areas of the room. Once the track is installed, you can angle the heads in directions that need light the most. For instance, if you want to display a favorite painting or have a spotlight on your desk.

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Lighting Design Is All in the Details

Deer Valley North Townhomes in Ellington, CT is the latest project by Santini Homes Inc. The complex is a rental community of luxury apartments for which we provided the lighting and so much more! Each unit features products from the Connecticut Lighting Centers showrooms, from lights to ceiling fans and decorative hardware. Our Vice President, Todd Director, recently appeared on Better Connecticut to tour the townhomes with Scot Haney and Eric Santini. Let’s explore by room.

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