Energy-Saving Tips to Light Your Home This Summer

Summers in New England can be hot and humid, but many of us prefer the heat over bitter cold winter weather. When we see these extreme temperatures, we often also see extreme increases on our HVAC bills. When you’re planning lighting design for the upcoming summer, consider these 3 easy tips to light your home and save energy.

Landscape Lighting: Less Is More

exterior lighting and greeneryLighting the outside of your home at night is about safety and aesthetics. A sufficiently lit pathway prevents guests from falling and can help deter intruders, but also creates a beautiful scene of illuminated shrubbery.

We like to say that less is more with landscape lighting, especially during the summer, because homeowners want to keep the ambience of a warm summer night when daylight lingers until after 8pm.

It also lowers your energy costs to strategically place lighting fixtures around the yard, rather than several groups near each other. We recommend using energy-efficient LED bulbs, so you do not have to worry about the cost of keeping outside lights on all night long.

Indoor Lighting: Be in Control

There are two surefire ways to run up your electricity bill inside the home: over-lighting rooms and failing to turn the lights off when you leave. Too much light can be harsh, depending on the time of day.

Five fixtures brightening a single room at night can have the opposite effect of relaxation after a long day at work! We suggest having multiple switches with dimmers for each light source, so you can be in complete control of which lights are on and how bright they are.

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Luxurious and Functional Hardware by Baldwin

Looking to upgrade your decorative hardware? Make quality craftsmanship and practical design a reality in your home with Baldwin! The Fayerman family immigrated to America in 1945 and has been hand forging functional hardware since 1946. Connecticut Lighting Centers is a preferred dealer of Baldwin, including cabinet and door hardware.

Excellence and Innovation

Baldwin Hardware Display The craftsmen at Baldwin hand forge their products, which does not require the use of a machine; metal is heated and shaped by hand. Their five-step process involves cutting, forging, trimming, grounding and polishing to produce the perfect handcrafted pieces. On average, 30 different people are involved in the creation of Baldwin hardware products!

Whether you need new cabinet, door or hardware, Baldwin has the latest styles of pulls, knobs, levers and locks to match the existing décor in your home. Homeowners can also find door guards, bolts, hinges, knockers, letter box plates and doorbell buttons in a variety of unique collections.

Distinctive Finishes

We carry two of the Baldwin Hardware portfolios: Estate and Reserve. Their third series, Prestige, is carried by big box stores who do not have the same opportunity to sell Estate and Reserve. The available finishes within these portfolios are sure to match any existing backsplash or countertops you have in your home. Hardware products come in brass, dark and silver tones.

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Tips to Light Your Outdoor Patio

Outdoor patios are the ultimate entertaining space for homeowners. When you create a cozy and functional place for friends and family to gather on a sunny spring day or warm summer evening, lighting design is essential. For guests to be comfortable, they should be able to see when the sun goes down! We offer 6 tips to help you light a patio.

Accentuate the Steps

outdoor patio lighting As the host of a party, you never want a guest to be injured on your property. Steps are often the culprit when someone trips and falls outside a home. Riser lights can be installed within steps so each one is highlighted as you approach the staircase, big or small!

Add a Ceiling Fan

An outdoor ceiling fan serves two functions for you and your guests. For one, it can help circulate cool air across the space to keep everyone comfortable on a hot day or night. And when the sun sets, a ceiling fan can provide some overhead lighting to keep the party going.

Back to Recessed Basics

Covered outdoor patios can keep guests dry during a brief rain shower and provide a more formal setting for a dinner party. When natural sunlight is blocked, it’s important for a patio to be adequately lit. Recessed lighting can save space and provide a soft, ambient glow.

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