Benefits of Home Automation & Security

Connecticut Lighting Centers is proud to offer the latest home automation products. Beyond lighting, you can control your thermostats, window shades and security systems. The benefits of home automation include energy efficiency, security and accessibility from remote places and now Lutron and Nest home automation products can be integrated to work in tangent with each other.

Lutron Caséta Wireless

Full Res PNG -3ProductFamily_Master_noBkgdThis product connects to your lights, window shades and thermostat, giving you control of the ambiance and comfort of your home. One of the innovative features of the system is that you don’t have to be at home to turn lights on and off, adjust temperature or lower the window shades. You have the option to control each as you feel using the free Lutron app or to schedule set times every day when your automation kicks in. Installation is very easy because no new wiring is required. You can set-up and start using the product the day of purchase.

Nest Home Security

This Wi-Fi system is state-of-the-art, offering automation of your home’s thermostat, security cameras and CO/smoke detectors. You can control each feature through the free Nest app and use the camera to view rooms in your home from the office. Additionally, a notification will be sent to your phone when any motion is detected by the camera. Nest products can also integrate with other home automation systems.

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Replacing Your Decorative Hardware

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; we can make any design decision we want, as long as we like it. At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we believe that our customers should have whatever they want for their homes. If that means customizing a piece to your specific needs or wants,  we will do that. What would have been considered taboo before, it is now on trend to mix and match your decorative hardware with your existing décor – as long as they complement each other. We have a few tips to help you accomplish that.

Creating the Style You Desire

Whether you’re completing a full remodeling project or replacing a few cabinet knobs, the room you’re updating has its own character. Modern, traditional or rustic, your new decorative hardware pieces should complement that style and we have hundreds of options to choose from. For those who are more of a visual person, bring in your cabinet door and use that as a sample to visualize the different styles we have to offer. These are important choices that will directly impact the atmosphere of your room. Take them into consideration before you purchase uncomplimentary items.

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Which Lamp Is Right for You?

lampsLamps are very versatile lighting fixtures. They can illuminate an entire room or provide soft lighting in a dim corner. A lamp from Connecticut Lighting Centers is sure to fit in with your existing décor, but how do you decide which type is right for your needs? We have a large selection of table, floor, desk, accent, swing arm, buffet and torchiere lamps from top names in the industry. Let’s walk through the purpose and benefits of each kind.

Table and Desk Lamps

Table lamps can provide enough light to illuminate an entire room if you don’t have the space for a floor lamp. When there is limited space for lighting fixtures, a table lamp can function in any way you need.

Similar to a table lamp, a desk lamp lights a small area with as much or little brightness as you need. Contrary to table lamps, desk lamps are more task-oriented and often used to prevent eye strain. Our selection includes antique, functional and modern styles.

Floor and Torchiere Lamps

Our floor lamps typically measure between four and a half feet and six and a half feet tall. Their brightness can be adjusted to give off minimal or maximum light. The traditional floor lamp emits a balance of light upwards and downwards. As a result, it works well as a primary light source.

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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Summer

Summer is a popular season for entertaining. Outdoor barbecues, wedding receptions and other get-togethers are meant to be enjoyed in beautiful summer weather, but is the area outside of your home well lit? The summer breeze and the smell of food grilling may entice your guests, but not if it’s difficult to see! We have several tips for lighting your patio, walkway and overall landscape to create the perfect summer party setting.

Light the Pathway

ol5901bkSummer days stay lighter longer, but even dusk can make it hard to see where you’re walking. You can lessen the risk of guests losing their footing by illuminating your walkway with outdoor post mounts. As opposed to in-ground fixtures, posts are tall, thus throwing more overall light to make the whole path visible. Feiss Lighting has an extensive line of outdoor lighting products, including post lights, in several finishes.

Layer Lighting

While you don’t want your guests to be sitting in the dark, you also don’t want it to be too bright outdoors either. Soft lighting creates a special mood for summer pastimes, like nighttime picnics and bonfires. Layer your lighting, complementing your existing exterior lighting with fixtures placed higher up or down below. If your tabletops are already illuminated by candles or a backdoor spotlight, hang lanterns on the outskirts of your patio.

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Decorative Hardware: Sliding Door Collection

Did you know that we sell more than lighting products? At Connecticut Lighting Centers, our showrooms are not only stocked with pendants, sconces and lamps, but a wide selection of decorative and functional hardware products as well. In addition to bath hardware, cabinet hardware, locksets and other door accessories, we are especially excited to showcase a fine selection of sliding door hardware. If you are looking to create more space in your living areas, a sliding door system is a stylish option to achieve this. We carry several brands, but three of our highest quality offerings are Amba Products, Goldberg Brothers and Hafele sliding door hardware.

Amba Products

Amba Products has only been in business since 2004, but they carry some of the finest quality products available in the country. Also known for selling towel warmers, Amba Products has a great reputation for design and customer service. Whether you’re interested in a glass or wood sliding door, they have a wide variety to choose from with stainless steel finishes. Glass doors work well in rooms where you want to maximize light, as opposed to completely separating two areas with a wood door. Glass is also a more modern look so if your home is traditionally designed, a wood sliding door system from Amba would be ideal.

Goldberg Brothers Stainless Steel Barn Door Track Hardware

Goldberg Brothers Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware

Goldberg Brothers

This brand has been around for well over 100 years! In 1913, Goldberg Brothers began selling film reels for silent films, which was their most successful product line. Today, they sell movie and home theater products, as well as barn door track hardware. Their award-winning line is the Goldberg Barn Track sliding barn door track hardware kit. While the idea of a barn door might seem strange to have inside your home, it is actually very popular among homeowners who want a rustic look. If you prefer a more contemporary look, we also carry their stainless steel barn door track hardware.

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