Lighting for “Home of Distinction” in Southington

Home of Distinction at the North Ridge Estates is a future show home in Southington, CT – one of our showroom locations. Constructed by Lovley Development, this community will feature 94 properties that showcase the latest materials and designs, including lighting – which Connecticut Lighting Centers is honored to provide. Sarah Cody from Fox 61 recently stopped by our showroom to explore LEDs, decorative hardware and outdoor lighting with President David Director.

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3 Steps to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans offer comfort for all seasons. Living in New England, we see the full spectrum of weather, from bright sunshine to briskly cold snow. When your air conditioning or heating is not enough to keep your home comfortable, a ceiling fan helps to circulate the air. But when you go to the store, you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices and have no idea where to start. We offer 3 quick tips to find the perfect ceiling fan for your needs.

What Is the Fan’s Purpose?

Minka-Aire ceiling fanThere are several reasons why a homeowner may need a ceiling fan installed, including:

  • Help cool or heat large spaces
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Add another source of light to a room
  • Circulate air through an outdoor patio

At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we have a unique ceiling fan for each one of these reasons and more. When you visit our showroom, let us know the purpose the fan will serve in your home and we can steer you in the right direction.

How Big or Small Is the Space?

Arguably the most important factor in your buying decision, the size of the space has a direct impact on the selection of fans you have to choose from. Consider how blade span will affect the existing décor and your ceiling height to help determine the overall size.

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How to Add Natural Lighting & Design Elements

“Be one with nature” is a common mantra that helps many people find balance in their lives. What if you could bring the relaxing elements of the outdoors inside your home? A growing trend in home design, more and more natural components can be found in lighting and furniture showrooms. This summer, bring the outdoors in with natural lighting and home décor from Connecticut Lighting Centers! We offer 3 tips to get you started.

Choose a Focal Point

Natural interior roomIf you’re not quite ready to take the leap to a completely natural-themed room design, consider choosing one central piece to highlight. Many homeowners start with a natural backdrop to bring the organic theme into their rooms, then draw attention to it with strategic accent lighting. For example, a wooden wall panel can add texture and fun, but still pairs well with traditional lighting and furniture.

Pair Lighting Fixtures with Home Accents

This may seem like common sense to some homeowners, but the natural theme works best when all aspects of a room follow the trend. Complete the rustic look with wall décor and accent furniture that add texture and lighting that adds depth.

At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we have pendants with branch detailing etched into stainless steel and wooden wall sconces that give rooms a luxurious lodge feel. Paired with a driftwood glass top cocktail table and silver wall leaflets, you can create the calming ambiance you desire.

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Create a Backyard Oasis with Lighting

Summers in New England are the best time to be outside enjoying the sunshine, warm breezes and cool nights. Many of us love to host get-togethers with our family and friends, but if your outdoor patio, deck or backyard pool area is dimly lit, it’s not the best entertaining space. Whether you’re hosting a casual party or major social event, rather than gathering everyone inside on a nice evening or renting an expensive banquet room, transform your outdoor space with the right lighting. What steps can you take?

Add Layers of Light

pool and outdoor patio lightingThe simplest way to add a soft glow to your backyard without the glare of too many bright lights is to layer with ambient, task and accent lighting. What’s the difference between each?

Ambient Lighting

This is your main source of lighting for the space. An ambient fixture should bathe the backyard in gentle light that is not too dim or harsh. Depending on the size of your yard, this could be a large chandelier over the dining table or spotlights attached to the home.

Task Lighting

What will guests be doing in the backyard? If you have activities or an outdoor bar set up across the grass, people should be able to see what they’re doing while they’re doing it. A table lamp or under-cabinet lighting can help you safely accomplish these tasks.

Accent Lighting

Finally, accent lighting can create depth and highlights the aesthetic features of your space. When you want to show off your manicured lawn and shrubbery or your favorite garden gnomes, post and path lights help illuminate these characteristics of your landscape.

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