Our Southington Lighting Showroom Is Moving!

Grand opening date coming soon! Please check back for details.

Family-owned and operated Connecticut Lighting Centers is becoming bigger and better! Our Southington location on Queen Street will be moving up the road to 50 Graham Place. The new showroom will be double the size of the current location with even more inventory, from light fixtures, table and floor lamps to ceiling fans, decorative hardware and home automation products. What should our customers know about the transition?

A Modern Showroom Upgrade

At double the size of our current Southington location, the new store will be 12,000 square feet of showroom. The larger space was designed with our valued customers in mind to make their shopping experience with us that much more convenient. In the past, some may have traveled to our Hartford location to see a more expansive inventory, but the two showrooms will now be almost identical in size and product.

Our new location will make Connecticut Lighting Centers the best family of lighting showrooms in New England. Now, we will have the latest and greatest ways to show beautiful, energy-savings products to consumers living in Central Connecticut. The open concept floor space at Graham Place presents a more welcoming view of over 180 ceiling fans, 100 mirrors and thousands of light fixtures on display.

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Schlage Sense™ Wi-Fi Adapter for Smart Deadbolt

As technology continues to evolve, the tasks we complete from day-to-day without a second thought are becoming more simplified. How many times do you open and close your front door? With the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, you no longer have to search your pockets or purse for the house keys. Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, you can open your front door or lock it with the touch of a button.

What Is the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt?

Schlage Wi-Fi Adapter The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt offers a quicker and more convenient way to get in and out of your home using your cell phone or a touchscreen code. Plus, you can send personalized lock combinations to family and close friends. Can’t recall if you locked the door this morning? Simply check your Schlage Sense™ app and have the home secured in a matter of seconds.

Schlage Sense™ Wi-Fi Adapter

With the Wi-Fi adapter, you can lock and unlock up to two doors from anywhere. Homeowners no longer have to worry about the security of their property while away. The Schlage Sense™ adapter plugs into an outlet in your home and begins working as soon as you pair it to your deadbolt through the Schlage Sense™ smartphone app. You can also receive lock and unlock push notifications to know when other people with your code have taken action. It’s recommended that the adapter is placed within 40 feet of the door for accurate remote use.

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Get to Know LED Bulbs

Light-emitting diode (LED) is an evolving technology that has emerged as the preferred alternative over traditional lighting methods. Like cars and clothing, LED is a category with different varieties, from light bulbs to light fixtures. Many customers visit our Hartford and Southington showrooms and are overwhelmed by the many options; our displays have over 50 models of LED bulbs! In this blog post, we help make LED simple.

Lumens vs. Wattage

It’s a common misconception that a light bulb’s wattage equates to its brightness. A bulb’s lumen output relates to how much light is produced, while wattage is all about energy consumption. Consumers are often confused by LED boxes that say “4-watt bulb equivalent to 60 watts” – this simply means that the LED bulb is more energy-efficient than the typical incandescent or halogen light bulb.

What Is Color Temperature?

In layman’s terms, a light bulb’s color temperature refers to the colored light that is produced by that individual source. On the Kelvin scale, color temperature is measured from 1,000 to 10,000K (candle flame red to clear sky blue). The vast majority of LED light bulbs we carry are either 2700 or 3000K. These “warmer” color temperatures are more prevalent in residential settings. What’s the right application for each?

  • 2700K: If your home has traditional wood tones, an incandescent bulb could wash everything out. A 2700K LED bulb is a better complement in conventional homes.
  • 3000K: For homeowners with more modern rooms and white tones will benefit from LED bulbs with a slightly higher color temperature.
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Decorative Hardware For The Home

When you’re looking for decorative hardware for your kitchen, bathroom or entryway, Connecticut Lighting Centers is your one-stop-shop. WFSB’s Scot Haney recently came by our Hartford showroom looking for nails and bolts – hardware we do not carry. Todd Director gave him a personal tour of the showroom, which includes decorative bath, kitchen and bathroom cabinet and door hardware products.

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Lighting for “Home of Distinction” in Southington

Home of Distinction at the North Ridge Estates is a future show home in Southington, CT – one of our showroom locations. Constructed by Lovley Development, this community will feature 94 properties that showcase the latest materials and designs, including lighting – which Connecticut Lighting Centers is honored to provide. Sarah Cody from Fox 61 recently stopped by our showroom to explore LEDs, decorative hardware and outdoor lighting with President David Director.

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