What Are the Benefits of LED Light Bulbs?

Recently our Vice President, Todd Director, appeared on Western Mass News to discuss the innovations of LED technology and choosing the right LED light bulbs for your specific needs.

The New & Improved LED Light Bulb

In the past, we used to hear customers say all the time that LED light bulbs were “ugly” because they didn’t look the same as traditional incandescent bulbs. Today, an LED light bulb is nearly identical to the styles we’re used to seeing in our homes. Available in several varieties, from bulbs to fixtures, LED light bulbs produce no heat, emit quality brightness and last much longer than a typical bulb.

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The Wonders of LED Lighting

Vice President Todd Director met with Scot Haney from Better CT to explain why our LED light bulb display at Connecticut Lighting Centers is unlike any other lighting showroom!

Why Choose LED Bulbs?

At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we have over 150 styles of light bulbs. Our light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs come in all different varieties, from nostalgic and retro to modern. LED bulbs are superior in performance to incandescent and halogen light bulbs, with a warmer color temperature. Measured in degrees Kelvin (K), the most prevalent color temperature for residential needs are 2700 to 3000K. LEDs no longer emit blue-tinted light, but a warm amber light that won’t wash out your living spaces. When it comes to dimming capabilities, we make sure your bulb is sold with the proper dimmer that does not change the operation of your LED bulb.

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Connecticut Lighting Centers Wins Lutron Vision Award

Lutron Electronics, Inc. is the nationwide leader in lighting control. As a preferred Lutron® dealer, we are able to integrate their innovative products with other systems in your home or office. Fully automate your space with light dimmers, motorized shades, under-cabinet lighting and more, while controlling these systems from your smartphone or tablet with Caséta Wireless.

Connecticut Lighting Centers Named a 5-Star Showroom

Lutron recently announced the winners of their 5-Star Lighting Showroom Awards for 2016. The awards honor showrooms around the country who excel at providing a premier Lutron experience to customers. To receive one of these awards, a lighting showroom must skillfully offer a variety of Lutron solutions to customers.

This year, Connecticut Lighting Centers was awarded the Lutron Vision Award. This accolade recognizes our promotional efforts and responsibility of selling and installing Lutron products. Our interactive displays bring products to life for customers.

We are very humbled to join the elite group of lighting showrooms who have been honored with a Lutron 5-Star Award since the program was created. It’s an honor to be named the recipient of the 2016 Lutron Vision Award!

Visit our Hartford or Southington showroom today to explore the Lutron display and other integrative home automation systems.

Decorative Home Hardware from Omnia

The fine details are what make a home uniquely yours. When you add your own personal touch to a home design, it feels more like your space. Accomplish this with decorative, yet functional hardware from Omnia! Connecticut Lighting Centers is a proud carrier of these Italian hardware products. What does the Omnia brand have to offer?

A Quality Hardware Brand You Can Trust

Omnia Hardware Door Levers Omnia Industries, Inc. was founded in 1964; for over 50 years, the hardware brand has produced stylish, yet functional pieces for the home, office and resort hotels worldwide. Their knowledgeable staff, personalized service and attention-to-detail is unmatched by other decorative hardware companies in the industry.

Selection of Fine Decorative Hardware Products

Whether you need new door levers, hinges or cabinet knobs for your home, Omnia has a large selection of decorative pieces to choose from. Finishes include lacquered or non-lacquered brass, bronze, copper, chrome, nickel, stainless steel and pewter.

Latchsets, Locksets and Hinges

In hardware, a latch acts as a door bolt. Locksets help secure the locking mechanism and hinges connect doors to the wall, allowing a limited swinging motion to open and close the door. Omnia has nine different categories of latchsets, three locksets and three hinges to choose between when designing your house.

Our knowledgeable staff can explain the differences between each piece of hardware and help recommend the best choices for the style of your home.

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Mirror, Mirror: Décor for Your Home

Did you know that Connecticut Lighting Centers has over 100 mirrors on display? Our showrooms have so much more than lighting! We are your one-stop-shop for home design needs from light fixtures, to ceiling fans and wall décor. What are the benefits of mirrors for your interior rooms?

Styles for Every Home

Quoizel Reflections Mirror with Nickel Finish

With nearly two dozen brands to choose from, you’ll find yourself in a sea of quality mirrors! From finishes like bronze, chrome, copper, gold, silver and wood and contemporary, rustic, transitional and traditional styles, there is a mirror for every unique home design. Decorative mirrors can make a beautiful statement in any room, entryway or hallway.

An Illusion of Space

Mirrors can have many benefits when hung in just the right spot. Mirrors add depth to a room, increase the level of light through reflection and help open narrow spaces. Homeowners create the illusion of extra space through the power of desirable reflections. When you angle a mirror towards a focal point, it bounces light throughout the room, making it appear larger than it is.

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