Gone are the days when lights bulbs were temporary. With LEDs, light bulbs are becoming more like appliances—a permanent fixture in your home.  While the initial investment in LEDs is higher than traditional bulbs, the energy saving features and long shelf life will outweigh the costs in the long run. 

In the video below, Terry McGowan, Director of Engineering and Technology for the American Lighting Association, talks about the new kinds of LEDs available and the benefits of switching to LEDs.

Why Choose LEDs?

  • LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs last up to 10-25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs produce a more pleasing, reliable natural light
  • Connecticut Lighting Centers offers a five-year warranty on all LEDs

Our Lighting Professionals are knowLEDgable and can help you make the switch to LEDs as well as educate you on the latest LED technology. We carry quality LEDs including Switch, Bulbrite, Cree, Solais, Satco and Kichler. Stop by our showrooms to learn more, or view our online LED Bulb brochure!

Watch the video below to learn more:

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