When it comes to bedroom and bathroom lighting, comfort and ambiance take priority. You can achieve this with the use of a dimmer switch.

Bathroom lighting should be both hardworking and mood-enhancing. Lights placed at a bathroom vanity and aimed out toward the face can help brighten grooming tasks. Be sure to include dimmer switches and look for places to add secondary, ambient light. For example, inexpensive, easy-to-install cove or toe lighting can greatly enhance this small, but important space. The key to good bathroom lighting is the use of dimmer switches.

Enhance your bedroom lighting by increasing the amount of light next to the bed. Often bedside lamps are either too small or are not adjustable, which does not provide light where you need it. Go for a larger size with increased lumen capacity. Or, perhaps a wall sconce with a swing arm that can be brought closer for reading will provide the best light for you. A primary objective for bedroom lighting should be flexibility.

Hubbardton Forge Bathroom Lighting

Hubbardton Forge Bathroom Lighting.

Holkoetter Lighting

Holkoetter Bedroom Lighting.



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-Article courtesy of American Lighting Association

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